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                                    Jay's Professional Service Department  

                                                                                              Labor Costs Only. Parts Are Additional.

Basic Single Speed, Coaster Brake Safety Check

Adjusting chain tension, Bearing Adjustments, Lubing all components and Pivot Points. 

Basic Multi Speed Tune-up  

Includes Brake & Gear Adjustments, Air in Tires, Chain Lube and Safety Check Bike

Standard Multi Speed Tune-up 

Includes truing wheels, Brake & Gear adjustments, Fork, Wheels & Bottom Bracket Bearing adjustments, Lubing all components and Pivot points, Wipe Down Frame. 



Deluxe Multi Speed Tune-up & Drive Train Cleaning 

Same as Standard Service all Derailleurs, Cassette, Crank, and Chain are removed Cleaned and Lubed.

Multi Speed Comprehensive Bike Rebuild

Complete Disassemble and Rebuild. All Parts and Components Removed from Frame, Solvent Cleaned and Lubed.  All Bearings Cleaned, inspected and Lubed.  Frame and Wheels Polished.


                                                 Standard Labor Rates

                                                                                                             Parts Not Included. 

Brake Adjustments  $20.00 per brake $35.00 both
Derailleur Adjustments $20.00 per derailleur $35.00 both
Install Brake or Gear Cable $7.00 per cable
Install Brake Levers / Brake Assembly$20.00 per
Hydraulic Brake Bleed$40.00 per
Install Chain$20.00
Install Cassette or Freewheel
Install New Rear Wheel$20.00
Replace Tube and/or Tire $17.00 per wheel
Install Rear Derailleur
Professionally Box Bicycle for shipping
Install Bottom Bracket
$30.00 and up
Tubeless Tire Install
$40.00 + sealant
True Wheel with Spoke Replacement
$30.00 + spokes
True Wheel
$25.00 per wheel
Assemble and Tune Brand New Bike from Box
$124.00 and up
Assemble Used Bike from Box
$50.00 and up
Clean chain $25.00 and up